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As a parent, you’re the most important influence on your child’s future. But what about the other people in his or her life? At St. Laurence, your child will receive an outstanding academic foundation from people who share your values. Nationally, Catholic school students outperform others on tests for math, reading and science. They also lead in graduation rates, and they’re the most likely to go on to college. Catholic school students receive a solid moral and spiritual foundation. After all, Catholic schools have always believed Christian teachings belong in school.

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Mrs. Sonneman

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Mrs. Jones

Seventh Grade

Mrs. Trisilla

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Mrs. Turas


Mrs. Johnson

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The beliefs and objectives of this organization are as follows: The athlete’s first and foremost responsibility lies in academic success. The Athletic Program is an extension of the total educational experience received at St. Laurence Catholic School. Being a part the athletic program contributes to the development of physical skills, social skills and teamwork.

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The objectives of this organization are as follows: PTC promotes a broader appreciation of the ideals of Catholic education, by enlisting the spiritual, educational and social resources of home and school. They provide a solid organization to improve the school’s fund raising efforts, foster the integration of families into the school community, and assistance in obtaining materials to enrich the overall educational program.

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The Education Commission plays an important role in the development, promotion, operation and faith mission of St. Laurence School. Their many responsibilities which give direction to the principal and pastor include: financial and strategic planning, reviewing and recommending policies, and promoting positive interaction and support within the school, parish and local communities.

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